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We're happy to see so many of you take good advantage of our in-house chalkboard specials running thru Oct. Some new faces too that have been a great deal of fun. Everyone's welcome!  With the weekend approaching rememerber to book your spray tan for Halloween  parties.

Girl showing off her great spray tan color.

Sending out a Thanks to all of you who visited with us for services this week -

It was a lot of fun and we enjoyed it all!

Uv Tanning, Sunless Spray Tans, Redlight Skin Therapy and Infrared Body Wraps

Most of you know this already but for those of you who don't ... We run great chalkboard deals in-house. Both U.V. & Sunless are the stars of October. Stop in anytime and check us out!

Sunless iSpray Tans

The colors we wear with each new season are reflected in our clothing, makeup, hairstyles, trends and also in the tones of sunless tans we choose. At Ultra, we offer a variety of tone and depth of color spray tan blends to meet your fall and winter sunless goals. Stop by or call 860-649-1538 and we'd be happy to have you sample our sunless services on the house!

Fall Tanning Color

Our Infrared Heat Treatment provides the same effects of exercise.  Your body works hard to cool itself by sweating and burning calories, as well as increasing your heart rate. When your body is exposed to infrared heat, the body perspires the same amount as an intense workout.   A series of wraps is the perfect alternative for those that don’t have time for regular exercise or suffer from injuries that prohibit the rigorous activity.  The wrap helps your body get rid of waste and delivers oxygen - rich blood to the depleted muscles, so they recover faster. 

Using our Infrared Heat Wrap between workouts is great when you're just too tired and sore from the gym. This service will not only help you recover from sore muscles but also gives you a fat and calorie burning work out while relaxing in a private room listening to your favorite music.

 We welcome any questions you may have and encourage you to stop in to try this service in addition to what you already do to keep healthy.

Ulltra Sun and Body in Manchester, Connecicut offers Infrared Heat Treatments as another benifit to exercising

Said no one ever!

Ultra Sun is having a September Lotion Promotion sale featuring some of your favorite UV Tanning and skincare Products.

Buy 2 Bottles from a wide selection of our top shelf, best summer sellers!  Then, just when you think this tanning lotion promotion couldn't get better ... it actually does at Ultra Sun - You can get a large 18 oz. of Tan Extender Moisturizing Lotion to keep that gorgeous color lasting longer and healthier for only $8.00 with this deal. 

Tanning -Body Care - Skincare

We would love to show you exactly how great a customized Spray Tan can be - Call or stop by for a free facial/decollete sample spray!

Rocking Great Spray Tans

Who doesn't love a nice slice of cold watermelon?                                                                Stop in for a slice and start your weekend off right. 


Custom Color Spray Tan

Ultra's Double Dip Summer Special!

One Infrared Body Wrap followed with One 'Color Customized' Spray Tan.
(Both done on the same visit)
Only $35.00 - Offer avail thru August 5th, 2017

One Infrared Body Wrap and Color Custom Spray Tan

All are always welcome to stop in and check out our salon - services and in-house chalkboard specials!

Tanning Sale

Father's Day is June 18th.  Remember your Dad with a $75.00 gift certificate for $50.00.                      We will have it gift wrapped and ready for you to give him on his special day.                                       He can spend it on any of our services - Sunbeds, Sunless, Red Light Therapy, Infrared Heat Wraps.   Dads want to look their best too!

For this Dad's Day Deal go >>>  Here

Gifts for Dad on Father's Day

We think it's nice to have great color not only on the Weekends but on the weekdays too cuz' it then looks like you really did have a great weekend!   We are always offering great deals on both our Sunless Spray tanning services and all our Sunbeds too!  Stop in anytime!

Salon Tanning Services

We are the place for you to go if you love non boring atmospheres paired with amazing, fast equipment and a staff that really cares about your end results.

Smile Happy with a Special Offer!

Ultra's Spring 'Get Ready Promo' 2017

Beautiful Spring Lady