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Tanning Sale

Father's Day is June 18th.  Remember your Dad with a $75.00 gift certificate for $50.00.                      We will have it gift wrapped and ready for you to give him on his special day.                                       He can spend it on any of our services - Sunbeds, Sunless, Red Light Therapy, Infrared Heat Wraps.   Dads want to look their best too!

For this Dad's Day Deal go >>>  Here

Gifts for Dad on Father's Day

We think it's nice to have great color not only on the Weekends but on the weekdays too cuz' it then looks like you really did have a great weekend!   We are always offering great deals on both our Sunless Spray tanning services and all our Sunbeds too!  Stop in anytime!

Salon Tanning Services

We are the place for you to go if you love non boring atmospheres paired with amazing, fast equipment and a staff that really cares about your end results.

Smile Happy with a Special Offer!

Ultra's Spring 'Get Ready Promo' 2017

Beautiful Spring Lady